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Election Worker Online Application

The Linn County Election Office accepts applications for Election Workers year-round. If you are interested in being an Election Worker, please complete the application below. It will be automatically submitted to the county clerk’s office.

Please review the following criteria before submitting your application for consideration as an Election Worker:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen and a registered elector of Linn County OR be a U.S. citizen living in Linn County and a student at least 16 years of age [KSA 25-2804(a), (b)].
  2. Attend a class concerning the tasks of an Election Worker prior to each election [KSA 25-2806].
  3. You may not be a candidate on the ballot, with the exception of precinct committeeman or committeewoman [KSA 25-2804(b)].
  4. Have transportation to and from class and the Election work site.
  5. Be able to work in a sometimes busy environment for approximately 16 consecutive hours on Election Day.
  6. Be able to understand, read and speak English at an 8th grade level.
  7. Be able to work with multiple ballot styles in an accurate and timely fashion.
  8. Be comfortable working with electronic devices, which may consist of entering passwords, and assisting voters.

Additional criteria for Supervising Judges:

  1. You must have transportation to pick up and drop off supplies at the Election Office.
  2. Be able to manage other Election Workers, assign tasks, oversee all functions, and handle varies issues that may arise.

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Election Worker Job Description

Except for the Supervising Judges, all Election Workers are paid at a rate of $7.85 for each hour worked, including training. Supervising Judges are paid an extra $6.00 flat rate for each Election. We will also pay mileage (at the current State reimbursement rate) from your home, to and from training and to and from your polling location on Election Day.

All Election Workers will be required to report to your polling place by 6:30 AM on Election Day to prepare polls to open at 7:00 AM.

Election Boards

The Election Boards are responsible for the election process at each polling place.
Election Boards are comprised of one Supervising Judge, one Judge, and at least one Clerk.
All election workers are required to complete training prior to each election.

Supervising Judges

The Supervising Judge is the person in charge of the polling place and is responsible for the operation of the polling place.

On the Monday preceding the election, the Supervising Judge picks up election supplies at the Election Office. The Supervising Judge reviews the Election Manual for procedures and visits the assigned polling place to view the room layout and establish a plan for the flow of voters on Election Day.

Supervising Judges should notify the Election Office immediately of the absence of other Election Workers on Election Day.

On Election Day, the Supervising Judge assigns the duties to the Election Board who assist by arranging the polling place to receive voters, posting all signs, and organizing work materials. The Supervising Judge officially opens the polls, supervises or manages the registration book to check in voters.

On Election Night, the Supervising Judge officially closes the polls by closing the doors to the polls at 7:00 PM. All voters who are in line at 7:00 p.m. are allowed to vote. Following the printing of the Results Tape and removal of the Media Sticks from voting machines, the Supervising Judge, accompanied by one other Election Worker, promptly delivers the Result Tapes, Media Sticks, Sealed Ballots, and black supply bag, to the Election Office. After these items have been delivered to the Election Office, the Supervising Judge will work with the Election Office to reconcile all ballots, etc. with the Report & Claim Sheet. Once this is completed and the Media Stick is verified, all Election Workers are released.

Election Workers

The Election Workers assist the Supervising Judge and share responsibility for the operation of the polling site. During the day, they greet voters, assist at registration book and card encoder machine, take encoded voter cards and escort voters to the voting machines, insert the voter card for the voter, and verify that the correct ballot is displayed, collect Voter Cards and issue “I Voted” Stickers. Following the close of the polls at 7:00 p.m., all election workers assist the Supervising Judge in closing the polling site.

Election Workers are not authorized to leave the polls on Election Day.

Election Worker Security Awareness & Requirements

All Election Workers are responsible for maintaining the security of the polling place, the integrity of the vote, and the protection of voting equipment and supplies. Judges must be vigilant throughout Election Day by being aware of who is in the polling place. The following steps should be taken to assure that all voting equipment as well as the voting process is secure at all times in every precinct:

Supervising Judges:

  • Control and secure keys to all voting machines.
  • Assure that the Media Stick compartment door on every voting machine is locked.
  • Report any suspicious activity in or around voting machines to the County Election Office and call 911 if immediate help is required.
  • Know who is in the polling place other than persons appearing to vote. Poll Agents must have a certificate appointing them by a candidate, political party, or group. Do not admit if credentials are not in order. They should wear a poll agent badge at all times.

All Election Workers:

  • Make sure no one accesses voting machines other than voters for voting purposes. (Unless, of course, voter assistance is requested.)
  • Make sure no unauthorized individuals are present in the voting area.
  • Make sure that Ballots are inserted in the Ballot Scanner once the voter completes voting.
  • Notify the Supervising Judge immediately of any suspicious activity in or around voting machines.
  • Make sure voters do not leave the voting location with voting equipment, supplies or materials including Ballots.
  • Make sure power is maintained on voting machines at all times.

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