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Why are trash and recycling going into the same truck?

We have received a few inquiries regarding Pine Tree Waste picking up trash and recycling in the same vehicle. Pine Tree Waste added a dual compartment truck to its fleet several months ago, which allows them to pick up both carts at the same time. The operator pushes a button in the cab separating the items to either the left or the right, depending on whether the cart contains trash or recycling.

You may have noticed trucks entering neighborhoods at times earlier than usual. This change is due to staffing and route changes and the new collection enhancements in their vehicles. As a reminder, the best way to ensure you do not miss the truck – all carts should be placed curbside by 6:00 AM, as referenced in City Ordinance § 149-4. Waste collection.

Carts must be at least one foot apart and at least two feet from any obstacle that could prevent the arm from fully lifting and emptying the cart (this can include cars or mailboxes).

We hope this will help answer any lingering questions about the curbside collection. Recycling continues to be a top priority with both environmental and financial benefits for our community.

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